1158 Words Essay on how to Achieve Success

To be successful one has to be clear and definite about one’s aim and object. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Unless you know your destination, you cannot set out on a journey, nor can you make necessary preparations for it. Indecision and hesitation are great obstacles on the path of success. You can be firm, decisive, and resolute and determined only when your aim and object is before you. Well begun is half done? Your work is almost half finished if you know your destination and have chosen the right road. This is very crucial for success in life. A step once taken cannot be retraced without much loss of time, energy and advantage. Decide well, with deliberation, determination and also in time. Having decided your aim, career, profession or course of life, you must pursue it relentlessly with great care and sincerity. Your ambition may be modest or very high, but it never matters much. What is important is that you cherish it with all your powers of mind and heart. Let there be no half hearted things.

Another secret of success is promptness that is doing things then and there. Procrastination is the thief of time. Time is precious, more precious than money and jewels. Time is opportunity. If once lost it never returns. All successful and great men and women have been great economizers of time. They made the best use of their time and never knew leisure. Be sincere, regular, and punctual in work. Develop healthy work-habits and work- culture. Have full devotion and faith in your work, and practice it ceaselessly because life is short. A proper use of time means proper use of an opportunity. They are fools who think they can waste time. It is time who is wasting them. Time is destiny and opportunity; it is all powerful. Has not one of the greatest poet-dramatist Shakespeare declared:

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There is tide in the affairs of man.

Which taken at the floor, leads on to fortune,

Omitted, all the voyages of their life are bound in shallows and miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat.

And we must take the current when it serves or lose our venture.

Self-control, self-confidence, firm decision, honesty of purpose and in dealings, sturdy physical body able to withstand any struggle, temperance are other ingredients of success. Never find fault with your luck or tools. Man is the maker of his own destiny. He can become or achieve what he desires. There is nothing like ill luck or good luck. It is by the right choice of a career, right application of tools and resources coupled with determination that you can be successful men. Right time and right method are also important. The truly wealthy man is he who knows his strengths and weaknesses and increases the former and reduces the latter. Such a man always realizes his own energy, prudence, skills and resources. He is self- confident and so always free and independent. Self- reliance is a great and godly virtue; it is a pilgrim’s staff and worker’s best tool in life. To grow strong through self-reliance and sufferings is the mystery of success. The path of success is not only difficult and steep but also thorny.

In order to be successful, works hard but at the same time avoid overwork. There should be a proper balance between work and rest. A successful man has also the ability to learn from others, from their mistakes, experiences and achievements. He is a good observer of things. Such a person is always courteous, polite, well- behaved and believes that honesty is the best policy. He also keeps his body fit because he knows that it is the most precious tool and instrument, and also that a sound mind lives only in a sound body. Good positive thoughts, optimistic attitude, faith in God and self, generosity, compassion are other essential elements of success in life. Hope, charity, faith in God etc., are essential for mental peace and poise without which no good work can be undertaken successfully.