10 lipstick, more so if this lipstick stains

10 Things That
Man Find Women Ridiculously Unattractive


You might be unaware, but there are also things that men find something unappealing
in women. Read on to know what makes women unsightly to men.

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1.       Heavy Makeup


If you still don’t perceive it yet, men
like women who are simple. This means, they consider women wearing heavy makeup
disgusting. In order to look attractive to men, just wear nude makeup to make
your appearance look more natural.


2.       Outrageous hairstyle


As I was saying, men like simple looking
women and that go to their hair as well. Outrageous hairstyle is a big turn-off
for them. So, just keep your hair the way it is; straight, long, and shiny.


3.       Glossy makeup

When you are up for a date, always
bear in mind that mean despise shiny makeup. Use matte and nude make up to let
your inner beauty exude.

4.       False eyelashes

If you are joining a pageant, artificial
eyelashes and over bearing mascara is suitable, but if you are going out for a
date, it is a big NO. Just be natural and maintain it that way.

5.       Fixing your make up in public

If you are uncomfortable with how
your makeup looks and gets anxious for a retouch; subsequently, do it in
private. Do not fix your makeup in front of your date as it loath to see women
do that.

6.       Untidy

More often than not, men admire
neat and trim women. They abhor the sight of an untidy one. Cluttered hair,
unshaven legs and uncut nails are unpleasant to the sight of men.

of Dental hygiene

Women with bad breath and yellow
teeth because of bad dental hygiene practice are the number one turn off for
men. So see to it that you won’t neglect your oral health.

8.       Using Dark Lipstick

Most men hate to see women wearing
dark lipstick, more so if this lipstick stains their teeth. So, when you are
having a date or intend to attract someone you like, wear light and nude
lipstick tint.

9.       Oily or parched skin

By nature men love women with smooth
and healthy skin; thus, take proper care of your skin. Keep it nourished and

10.   Heavy scent

Just like women, men also have
their preferences when it comes to scent. Most men choose women wearing sweet-scented
perfume. But it does not mean you need to bathe with perfume to make yourself
attractive. Just a light spray on your wrist, neck, hair and behind your hair
is sufficient to call the attention of your date.