1. their target through each period. According to

1.      What makes this a project versus a part of daily operations?

One of the most important projects in Ottawa which I am interested in is O-train Confederation Line. Confederation Line which is also an Ottawa’s light rail transit system, is called a project because it has a specified object, variety specialist, exactly time and budget for building. First, according to the website of confederation line (n.d), the purpose of this project is to create the largest transportation infrastructure in Ottawa city. Also, it is a state of the art light rail transit system because it will connect people from Tunney’s Pasture station in the west to Blair station in the east with the distinction 12.5 kilometers quickly and efficiently. Second, as cited in Confederation Line website (n.d), some parties who join to built light rail transit are Ontario government, the federal government, some private sector project teams and the Rideau Transit Group. Third, the plan for doing this project is over five years. As mentioned in Confederation Line website (n.d), it started in 2013 and will finish in 2018. Finally, according to the website of Confederation Line (n.d), the financial commitment between provincial and federal government for building Confederation Line project is 2.3 billion dollars.

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2.      What stage in the project management lifecycle project is in?

Now, Ottawa’s light rail transit system is in executing stage of project life cycle because it is processing. Confederation Line project meets their target through each period. According to Confederation Line website (n.d), from 2013 to 2016, Belfast Yard, where will be the location for maintaining vehicles of light rail transit, is the first facility completed in this project. Besides, as mentioned in Confederation Line website (n.d), between 2013 and 2017, major parts of light rail transit are going to be complete. For instance, light rail vehicles are set up in Ottawa at the Belfast Year and the downtown tunnel is completed. Moreover, in 2018 Confederation Line will launch full service in 2018. As cited in an article Countdown to Confederation Line (Pearson, 2017), contractor mentioned that Ottawa’s light rail transit project will meet the deadline in May 2018. Almost the schedule of project background is done (Picture 1).

Picture 1: Schedule of project backgroundThe budget for light rail train project is 2.3 billion dollars. However, as mentioned in an article LRT handover pushed back (Osman, 2017), the contractor will be fined 1 million dollars if the project does not meet the deadline in May 2018.1.      How successful do you feel this project has been to date? From my perceive, I believe that this project will complete successfully and on time. In my opinion, Confederation Line will become one of the most popular transit traffic in Ottawa because it benefits both people and environment. First, Light Rail Transit helps people to save their time for transportation. Instead of waiting for 10 to 20 minutes to get the bus in a bus station, people just need 5 minutes for the light rail train. Moreover, according to Octrainpo website (n.d), Confederation line has a huge capacity of 10,700 passengers each hour so that people do not need to elbow others out in a crown. Also, because the train has their own way, people will not suffer the traffic congestion during peak hour. In addition, Light Rail Train is designed based on universal accessibility principles so that people feel safe even they take the train at midnight. All of the benefits Confederation Line provides for people is rapid, comfortable and secure. Second, environmental pollution is one of the important problems in the world. Therefore, every country is responsible for protecting their environment. The project of Confederation Line contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and noise pollution. As mentioned in Octrainpo website (n.d), Rail train decrease 94,000 tone of greenhouse gas emission each year and the train will emit a noise level of five decibels which is lower than another vehicle. The decreasing of greenhouse gas improves air quality. It also leads to enhance people health. Finally, in my opinion, Confederation Line project will be welcomed by all people who live in Ottawa because it not only benefits people but also the environment.