1. result in the ability to manage a

1.     Executive Summary


This business case demonstrates how the oracle database system project will address the current business objectives and concerns, the benefits of the project, and recommendations and justification of the project.

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This case also determines detailed project goals, performance measures, assumptions, constraints and alternative options.


1.1.   Issue

Project managers are expected to show a level of competency associated with skills that will result in the ability to manage a project with the correct level of performance and leadership.

Tim Aston was young and new to the title of project manager of Super Data company, he was lacking what we can call soft skills (knowledge of project manager and skills/behavior of project manager).

He was lacking team building skills in his leadership skills to motivate the employees of the company and solve conflicts that arise from the employees and also manage them.

Since Tim was a young manager, he lacked personal credibility associated with work experience as he had just joined the company three months ago. In order to keep the spirit of the employees, Tim should not be able to show proper and effective communication skills.


1.2.   Anticipated Outcomes

Leadership skills: The team that project manager was working with are not collaborating with him, because they lack leadership skills and also they were working for the company before him so it was hard to take orders from him.

Communication: Intercommunication between the employees and the manager is         important to make the work effective. To achieve the goals and objects of the project the leader should communicate with the teams that are working.


1.3.   Recommendation

To establish a good communication level between the employees and the project manager.

To make leadership level more strong from the both sides and corporate together.

The exercise of leadership skills and style by the project manager and company will influence the morale and motivation of workers affecting productivity.

Taking the time to get to know the functional staff can promote effective cohesion in a team in order to get the project completed correctly in an efficient and effective manner.


1.4.   Justification

If the communication level of the teams become more strong, the ongoing project can end successful, because everyone of the team will try hard to do the project in its best way.

Leadership level of the team will grow up when they see the communication level of their managers.

2.     Business Case Analysis Team


The following individuals comprise the business case analysis team.  They are responsible for the analysis and creation of the Oracle Database System Project business case.





Executive Sponsor

Provide executive support for the project

Phil Davies, director of
project management

Technology Support

Provides all technology support for the project

Jane Smith, VP Information Technology

Process Improvement

Advises team on process improvement techniques

Jim Jones, Process Team Lead

Project Manager

Manages the business case and project team

Tim Aston, Project Manager

Software Support

Provides all software support for the project

Ahmed Ali, Software Group Lead


3.     Problem Definition


3.1.   Problem Statement

Over the last two decades’ super data technology company was suffering from database system management for their business in different parts of the company which lead to fail storing information’s and transactions for day to day business run. The company has hired three employees which is placed to take care or handled storing and managing transaction of daily selling’s and they were not able to do all the task they meant to sort out.

The other problem of the company facing was inability of changing or updating the information of the goods they sold or purchased from different location of the country it was not taken place by the time they want to execute that order.

Delivering reports was also another problem which was challenging and giving hard time to the employee after sending and receiving the equipment of the company.












3.2.   Organizational Impact

The oracle will influence super data technology in several ways. improvement of all parts of the organization and making business smoothly running.

Tools: the existing system will be ousted totally from the company immediately after the oracle start operating. This will require training of employees and the manager for their use in support of the company.

Processes: Oracle is a system that responds very well with excellent performance in demanding the company environments. Oracle database along with its features will help the manager and its employees of the company in their overviewing the activity going in inside the company, which is important in insuring the integrity of data.

Hardware/ Software: in addition to the software and licensing for the project, Super Data Technology Company will be required to purchase additional servers to accommodate the oracle database system and its anticipated growth for the next 20 years.


3.3.   Technology Migration

In order to effectively migrate from old MySQL database system to oracle database system, it has been developed several approaches which will help day to day operations in the company. Here are the approached phases:

Phase I: hardware/software will be purchased, the oracle database system will be created and tested by the IT team of the company.

Phase II: IT team will back up the old data information of the company into the new database system.

Phase III: all the employees will get training for the new system data base and get known how to use it.

Phase IV: the oracle database system will be fully functioned and the old system will permanently shut down.



















4.     Project Overview

The implementation of oracle database system project will solve the business problem of Super Data Technology company. The project overview consists of project description, goals and objectives, project performance, project assumptions, project constraints and major milestone of the project.



4.1.   Project Description

The oracle database system will retrieve the old database system stored information and puts into the new database system server so that the employees will able to access the previous history data.

This project will help both employees and managers of the super data technology company to have full access of all the activities and transactions which are taking place from different parts of the company.

It can ensure that programs will be safeguarded and the important information that is contained inside will only be seen by those within super data technology company that you want to have access to it.


4.2.   Goals and Objectives


The oracle database system Project directly supports several of the corporate goals and objectives established by Super Data Company.  The following table lists the business goals and objectives that the oracle database system Project supports and how it supports them:


Business Goal/Objective


Timely and accurate reporting

Oracle database system will allow real-time and accurate reporting of all transactions and product storing in the company

Improving employees technically

It could help the employees how to use the Oracle database, answering their most frequently asked questions and helping troubleshoot any potential problems in the future.

Reduces error occur or insecurity

It will put the preventive security and maintenance measures in place that will make the system more error proof and long lasting.

Reduce overhead costs

Fewer staff required will reduce the company’s overhead and saves money for long run business.










4.3.   Project Performance


The following table lists are the key resources, processes, or services and their anticipated business outcomes in measuring the performance of the project. 


Key Resource/Process/Service

Performance Measure


The oracle database system will reduce delay reporting and automotive changes and updating information

Data entry

It allows employees to enter their data directly from their users without need of authorizing administrators. 

Software and System Maintenance

Oracle comes with new versions with new features implemented in new version while the features of earlier versions still being maintained and compatible, it makes the user friendly to learn the new features.  .


It helps in simplifying the management and administration processes
And so on.  






4.4.   Project Assumptions


The following assumptions apply to the oracle database system Project.  As project planning begins and more assumptions are identified, they will be added accordingly.


·      All employees will be trained accordingly in their respective data entry and reporting tasks on the oracle database system

·      Funding is available for purchasing hardware/software and training employees for oracle database system

·      All department heads will give necessary support for successful project completion













4.5.   Project Constraints


The oracle database system will have following constraints.  As project planning begins and more constraints are identified, they will be added accordingly.


·      There are limited IT resources available to support the oracle database system Project.

·      When you designate a column or set of columns as unique, users cannot add values that already exist in another row in the table for those columns, or modify existing values to match other values in the column.

·      As implementation will be done internally and not by the product developers or vendors, there will be limited support from the hardware/software providers.

·      Application outage can occur and mostly DBA claim the reasons for this as hardware failure and apart from this the reason would be human errors like accidental deletion of valuable data, deleting the wrong data, or dropping the wrong table.


4.6.   Major Project Milestones


The following are the major project milestones identified at this time.  As the project planning moves forward and the schedule is developed, the milestones and their target completion dates will be modified, adjusted, and finalized as necessary to establish the baseline schedule.



 Target Date

Project Charter


Project Plan Review and Completion


Project Kickoff


Phase I Complete


Phase II Complete


Phase III Complete


Phase IV Complete


Closeout/Project Completion













5.     Strategic Alignment


The oracle database system Project is in direct support of Super Data Company Strategic Plans. this project will improve our business and help move the company forward to the next level of maturity.




Relationship to Project

2018 Super Data Company Strategic Plan for Data Management

Improve data record keeping

This project will support for real-time information and data entry, increased information accuracy, and administrative data

2018 Super Data company Strategic Plan for enhancing technology

Advancing technology to support company’s long run vision

New technology will allow data management automated updating/changing to reduce the need of staff required to manage these system

2018 Super Data Company Strategic Plan for employees improvement

Engage the workforce and improve employee experience

This project allows the employee to take an active role in managing data without required permission





























6.     Cost Benefit Analysis


The following table captures the cost and savings actions associated with the oracle database system project, At the bottom of the table is the net savings for the project.




Action Type


First year costs (- indicates anticipated savings)

Purchase oracle database product and licenses


Initial investment for oracle database system Project


Software installation and training


Cost for IT group to install new software and for the training group to train all employees


Reduce hiring more employees


An immediate reduction of salaries for employees


System maintenance required every year instead of monthly


Less use of IT resources working on non-value added tasks results in approximately $42,000 savings per year.


Net First Year Savings





Based on the cost benefit analysis above we see that by authorizing the oracle database system Project, Super Data Company will save $100,550.00 in the first year alone.  This represents a significant improvement in our operating costs and is a clear indicator of the benefit this project will have on the company.


















7.     Alternatives Analysis

The following alternative options have been considered to address the business problem.  These alternatives were not selected for a number of reasons which are also explained below.


No Project (Status Quo)

Reasons For Not Selecting Alternative

Keep the MySQL database system in the company

·         It needs to operate more employees
·         Continued occurrence of a high number of data errors
·         Poor and untimely reporting
·         Lack of automation

Alternative Option

Reasons For Not Selecting Alternative

Develop software internally

·         Lack of qualified resources
·         Significant cost associated with software design
·         Timeframe required is too long