1. enabling them to monitor their status from



1.     Optimized Website


How many job seekers are attempting to see your livelihood site from their mobile? What’s their existing experience if your website isn’t optimized for mobile? Have a look at your site analytics and determine what percent of people are using a mobile device, you would be surprise by the outcome report.

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2.     Highlight According to Location


Online job seekers increasingly foresee opportunities to appear which are important for their own search. You are able to use a candidate location from their mobile device to highlight opportunities in that region or inside a specified radius.


3.     Mobile Friendly Content


A mobile job seeker may potentially have limited time, limited bandwidth and a little screen to look at content. Your mobile-optimized livelihood site should adapt to the device being used, reaching candidates regardless of which mobile device they select.



4.     Simple and User Friendly


A candidate will be looking your mobile friendly site for relevant tasks and hopes to find the job record, description and important advice instantly. Endless scrolling and searching? Within seconds your potential employee has discontinued the website and are not able to return.


5.     Reach Where Your Real Candidates Are


Now the candidates you’re searching for are utilizing smartphones, iPads along with other tablet computer devices to look for jobs. Now the job seekers every month are obtaining job listings from mobile devices.

Mobile is constantly on and is constantly available so your job vacancies also need to be open.




6.     Simple Submission Form


Your project descriptions are simple to view, the job seeker is engaged and now wishes to apply. Are they able to use directly from their mobile device? It’s possible to offer a very simple application form, an use with LinkedIn button or request them to submit an email address and a candidate will be sent a link to upload their CV.




7.     Maintaining Track


Ensure it is effortless for a candidate to realize how their application is progressing enabling them to monitor their status from a mobile device.



8.     Putting a fantastic belief


Your internet and mobile presence can produce the very first impressions to get a potential candidate. If the recruitment process experience is poor that this could impact on their decision to proceed. A mobile-optimized career site allows applicants to quickly navigate and hunt for jobs and in addition, it can create more visitors, increase applications and provide you an advantage over the competition.



9.     Becoming social


Can you provide your applicants the ability to “share” your project listings, send to friend via email or share through social networks?


10.                        Contact Information


Your contact page needs to have a direct dial to call the linked recruiter, it’s a phone after all!



There are lots of tools available to the recruitment manager today and also an organization needs to adapt their current recruitment campaigns to engage with applicants across multiple platforms.