§ ?? per my ?n?ly?i? ?nd ?tudy, ?p?rt

?? per my ?n?ly?i? ?nd ?tudy, ?p?rt fr?m the ?ervice ?nd l?c?ti?n
, there i? m?re t? the m?rket ?tructure in the H?tel indu?try. The type ?f bu?ine??
it i? in ?nd whether it i? ? m?n?p?ly ?r ? perfect c?mpetiti?n.

? m?n?p?li?tic?lly c?mpetitive firm ?ct? like ? m?n?p?li?t which
me?n? th?t the firm i? ?ble t? influence the m?rket price ?f it? pr?duct by ?ltering
the kind ?f the pr?duct being ?ffered.

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Unlike in perfect c?mpetiti?n, m?n?p?li?tic?lly c?mpetitive firm?
h?ve pr?duct? th?t ?re n?t perfect ?ub?titute?. ?? ?uch ? H?lid?y inn Expre??
pr?duct, which i? different (?r ?t le??t perceived t? be different) fr?m ?ll ?ther
br?nd?’ pr?duct like D?y? inn i? ?v?il?ble fr?m ? ?ingle pr?ducer.

C?n?umer? h?ve ? cle?rly defined preference ?nd ?eller? ?ttempt
t? differenti?te their pr?duct? fr?m th??e ?f their c?mpetit?r?, the g??d? ?nd ?ervice?
?re heter?gene?u?. in the ?h?rt-run, the m?n?p?li?tic?lly c?mpetitive h?tel c?n
expl?it the heter?geneity ?f it? br?nd ?? ?? t? re?p p??itive ec?n?mic pr?fit,
thi? i? ? r?te ?f return gre?ter th?n the r?te required t? c?mpen??te debt ?nd
equity h?lder? f?r the ri?k ?f inve?ting in the h?tel.

The H??pit?lity indu?try being ? m?n?p?li?tic c?mpetitive m?rket
h?? the f?ll?wing ch?r?cteri?tic?: 
• M?ny ?eller?
• Differenti?ted pr?duct?
• Multiple dimen?i?n? ?f c?mpetiti?n
• E??y entry ?f new firm? in the l?ng run

The ch?r?cteri?tic? ?re ?lm??t ex?ctly ??me ?? in perfect c?mpetiti?n,
with the excepti?n ?f heter?gene?u? pr?duct? ?nd th?t m?n?p?li?tic c?mpetiti?n inv?lve?
? gre?t de?l ?f n?n-price c?mpetiti?n (b??ed ?n ?ubtle pr?duct differenti?ti?n).
Thi? give? the h?tel ? cert?in ?m?unt ?f influence ?ver the m?rket, it c?n r?i?e
price? with?ut l??ing ?ll the cu?t?mer?, ?wing t? br?nd l?y?lty.

m?y be ?pprehen?ive when it c?me? t? di?cu??ing h?tel di?tributi?n ch?nnel?. ?n
?ne h?nd, it’? cle?r th?t they will need the help ?f the di?tribut?r? t? ?chieve